Navajo County Library District

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Navajo County Library District

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Library Services

eBooks and Audiobooks
The library connects you with a number of eBook and Audiobook providers.  Download titles and read them on your mobile device!  More information on this page...


That's right, you can view current and past editions of popular magazines - Read them online, or download them to your devices.  More information about our eMagazine collectsion here...


Maps Online
60,000+ Maps: political, physical, population, Bible, precipitation, climate maps, and more!


Reader's Advisory
Need help finding things to read?  NoveList Plus is a comprehensive readers' advisory solution for fiction lovers. NoveList Plus will help you to answer the question of what to read next. Find that next great book you will want to read!


Learn a New Language
Navajo County Library District and its member libraries now subscribe to Pronunciator for language learning, replacing Mango and PowerSpeak. Pronunciator offers 100 languages. Click here for a list of them. Most languages include a huge amount of instructional content available - an average of 9,500 instructional phrases for each one. Courses can be personalized according to your interests and also tailored for learning a language for your occupation.


Early Literacy
Make Way for Books is an early literacy nonprofit organization that has over 20
years of experience helping children read and succeed, and helping families
prepare their children for school.

The Make Way for Books App is a two-generation, early literacy, and
early education resource.All of the educational content on the app is
based on the Head Start Outcomes Framework.