Navajo County Library District

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Navajo County Library District

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Jennifer Volkert

District Director

I have worked with the Navajo County Library District going on four years. For two of those years, I have been the Library District Director. I have worked many positions in different types of libraries and acquired 17 years of Library experience.  My education experience includes a Library Technician certification, an Associates in Elementary Education, a Bachelor's in English Literature. I am currently working on my MLS. I am a committed lifelong learner.

I am an avid reader and have been most of my life. I love everything about libraries. My passion is providing services that are needed by our communities, answering the hard questions, and solving problems. I am known as the Chaos Coordinator, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Katy Pearson

Library Operations Supervisor

I've been with the Navajo County Library District since August of 2022. You may see me out and about representing the library district in Navajo County at different events. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Education and have work experience as a teacher, landscape designer, ticketing agent, and in customer service.

I once read a Facebook post that showed that the average U.S. American has only lived in 2 states in their entire life and that more than half have never left their home state at all. I have lived in 8 different states and have travelled in all the continental states. I'm only missing Hawaii. I am a prolific reader and love the fantasy and mystery genres.

As the Library Operations Specialist, you can contact me about general district operation questions, marketing, district level Summer Reading Program questions, annual writing contest, annual book sale, library systems, hoopla Digital Library, and Overdrive/Libby issues.

Alonna Larson

Library Technician

Known as Lou to my nearest and dearest, I'm a born and raised nerdy bookworm! It is with tremendous gratitude that my life's journey has returned me to one of my undying passions, library work.  I'm fluent in English and movie quotes. My brain is positively crammed with useless trivia and bizarre facts. I possess a dark sense of humor and an extremely loud voice.  I am the Lead Library Technician at NCLD, which means I am always BUSY! I process and catalogue books for our volunteer and tribal libraries, maintain and curate our rotating collections, repair damaged items, and help maintain our website and catalog. 

Shannon Wilson

Outreach Technician

My name is Shannon Wilson. I am the Tribal Library Technician for Navajo County Library District.  My job is rewarding, and I’m looking forward to improving our goals and relationships with Tribal communities, libraries, and patrons within Navajo County.

Alicia Kumar

Digital Literacy Technician


My name is Alicia Kumar, and I am the Digital Literacy Technician here at the Navajo County Library District office! I have been an avid reader my entire life, and I thoroughly enjoy getting to work in a field that allows me to embrace that passion! My job is to help aid our patrons and community members navigate the digital age with confidence and ease! I travel to individual libraries and teach a variety of digital literacy classes each month! Check with your local library to find out when I am visiting!



Doris Yazzie

Library Technician

Hi!  My name is Doris D. Yazzie, I am the Library Technician for the Navajo County Library District Office.  I process and catalogue books for our volunteer and tribal libraries.  Help out with rotating or weeding collections.

I also help out with doing the courier routes, which I love doing!  Getting out for events, seeing, helping with the libraries & communities.  I really enjoy everything about my job, position here at NCLD!